picture of Wjatscheslav Ganelin
Вячеслав Ганелин
(Wjatscheslav Ganelin)
The Russian pianist W. Ganelin, born in 1944, can be considered as multi-talent, as he performes his music on piano, organ, bass, guitar, trumpet and percussion. He works as a professional composer (symphonies, operas and chamber works count to his opus). In 1964, he formed a jazz trio. The Ganelin Trio with Vladimir Tschekasin and Vladimir Tarasov was founded in 1971. 1987, he emigrated to Israel.
Ganelin's music is rather difficult to get used to - his style is an absolutely free one.
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Leo LR 117
recorded August 1981 in Moscow/Russia
Wjatscheslaw Ganelin, organ, piano, basset, guitar, trumpet, percussion
Wladimir Tarasow, drums, flexatone, trumpet, flute, percussion
Wladimir Tschekasin, alto sax, tenor sax, trombone, flute, percussion
Opus A2
Melodia 19651 008
recorded 1982 in Russia
Wjatscheslaw Ganelin, organ, piano, accordeon, bass, horn, guitar, percussion
Wladimir Tarasow, drums, percussion

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