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Jens Johansson
Jens (* 1963 in Stockholm) is a classically trained keyboardist. In 1982, he left the jazz fusion band Slem and joined the Swedish metal band Silver Mountain. In 1983, he left Sweden for California/USA and joined guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen as a member of his band, Rising Force. Jens stayed with Yngwie until 1989. He also played with the band Dio between 1989 and 1990. He began an ongoing collaboration with Jonas Hellborg in 1989 which has resulted in several progressive and avant-garde recordings. In 1993, Johansson co-founded a progressive blues metal project, The Johansson Brothers.
Jens co-founded Heptagon Records to distribute his own recordings and that of other musicians. He auditioned for Dream Theater after Kevin Moore left the band in 1994, but due to many delays by the band in making a decision he instead joined Finnish power metal band Stratovarius. Since 1995, he has remained in Stratovarius, and still releasing solo albums and appearing as a guest or session musician in other projects.
Jens has used many types of keyboards and synthesizers throughout his career. Amongst his favourites are the Korg Polysix, Yamaha DX7 as a midi controller, the Oberheim Matrix Series and the Roland JV-1080 sound module. He is also fond of the Hammond Organ. Jens is a computer fan and long-time Steinberg programs user.
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Day Eight Music DEM 033
released 1993
recorded in New York City/USA
Jonas Hellborg, bass
Jens Johansson, organ
Anders Johansson, drums

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