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Julian Gould
Julian (* 1915 as Julius Goldberg in New York City) called himself Sir Julian, although he was never actually knighted. In his teens, he played piano with a group known as "The Swingsters" that included the young Frank Sinatra. He moved to Los Angeles and played the Wurlitzer at the Orpheum Theater, back in the days when the grand movie houses featured live shows and the organists got marquee billing. He earned a master's degree in music at UCLA, writing a thesis on "The History of Rhythm." At some point he migrated from theater organ to electric organ and started a nightclub act. Somewhere in the late 1950s, he settled in Miami, and at one point worked as the musical director for the local Playboy Club. Julian died in 1977.
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A Knight At The Organ
RCA Victor LSP-2591
released 1962
recorded in Miami, FL/USA
Julian Gould, organ
no further details known

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