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Toby Pazner
Toby is a pianist and organist living in New York City. He founded the group The Olympians.
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Enter The 37th Chamber
Fat Beats FB-5127-2
recorded in Brooklyn, NY/USA
Leon Michels, sax, piano, organ
Aaron Johnson, trombone
Michael Leonhart, trumpet
Thomas Brenneck, guitar
Toby Pazner, piano, organ
Rachel Garb, violin
Garo Yellin, cello
Nick Movshon, bass
Homer Steinweiss, drums
The Olympians
Daptone Records DAP-044
recorded in New York City/USA
Toby Pazner, organ, piano, harpsichord, vibes, bass
Leon Michels, tenor sax
Neal Sugarman, tenor sax
Aaron Johnson, trombone
David Guy, trumpet
Michael Leonhart, trumpet
Thomas Brenneck, guitar
Megan Conley, harp
Antoine Silverman, violin
Anja Wood, cello
Nicholas Movshon, bass, drums
Evan Pazner, drums, percussion
Homer Steinweiss, drums
Fernando Velez, percussion

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