Emmanuel Bex: Mauve

cover picture PeeWee 027

Emmanuel Bex, Hammond B3 organ, fender-Rhodes, clavinet
Stéphane Huchard, drums
Jean-Philippe Viret, bass
Jerôme Barde, guitar
Patrick Bebey, vocals, flute
Myriam Betty, vocals
François Verly, percussions
Xavier Jouvelet, percussions, programming

Mauve is a plant, but also a color, similar to lilac. Does Emmanuel goes "mauve" now? At least, his music sprays a fragrance of it. Light, relaxed, cheerfully smiling: Emmanuel presents a wonderful bouquet of tunes of his own. Here and there, a certain influence of Eddy Louiss shines through, but generally Bex's music finds his very own style. This CD is an outstanding result of musical creativity and balanced nature.


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