Advances Warning: Live In Concert

cover picture Hammond Beat HBR 002a

Herbert Noord, Hammond organ
Rinus Groeneveld, tenor sax
John Marshall, guitar, vocals
Walther de Graaf, guitar
Pierre van der Linden, drums
Jeroen de Rijk, percussion

That has been worth it - they dug out two old tapes from 1990 and 1992, live recordings both, mastered them and made a double CD album.
The one is dediacted to the blues (& rock) as the subtitle ("Meervaert Blues") says. It was recorded during the Amsterdam Blues Festival. It's a fantastic and infectious blues feeling the Dutch band "Advanced Warning" conveys, supported by the American guitarist John Marshall. The organ plays its typical part with chords and a tremolo Leslie; Herbert knows very well how to set accents and to support the sax and the guitar.

The other offers bebop and funk. Herbert presents a roaring dirty organ, wild and groovy, which is sometimes beaten by the raging sax only. Herbert is the Dutch "burner".



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