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Ignacio Subirós
Ignacio Subirós (*1977) is an organist, pianist, composer and arranger, living in Mar Del Plata/Argentina. At age 16, he started to take piano lessons, followed by studies at the Conservatorio Luis Gianneo, which he left as a professor for piano in 2000.
Later, Ignacio became an organist and played on his Hammond organ B3 with many trios, quartets and big bands in Argentina and Spain. He still plays this instrument, now with his own group "Subirós Organ Quartet". In 2008, he recorded his first CD "Tiempos Raros".
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Tiempos Raros
no label
recorded July 2008 in Mar del Plata/Argentina
Ignacio Subirós, Hammond B-3 Organ
Leandro Gimenez, guitar
Nelson Gesualdi, alto sax, tenor sax
Oscar Izzy, drums

Live At Teatro Colón
recorded 29 October 2008 at Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires/Argentina
Ignacio Subirós, Hammond B-3 organ
Nelson Gesualdi, alto sax, tenor sax
Leandro Gimenez, guitar
Jorge Armani, guitar
Juan Casasus, trumpet
Ezequiel Gesualdi, trombone
Peppo Bariffi, vocals

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