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Kim Kelaart
Kim has been playing the piano since the age of 3, doing his first gig at the age of 7. He spent all his teenage years playing various instruments, trying anything from timpani to saxophones. He settled into electric bass and started playing gigs in Geelong (Victoria, Australia) and the surrounding areas.
After spending many years touring and recording for artists such as Kate Ceberano, Human Nature, The John Dallimore band, Mr. Freedom X, Jet Girl and Cosmic Love Bus, Kim settled into the role of a Hammond player around 4 years ago and based himself in Melbourne. Kim and his band KNAG (pronounced nag) recorded the first of the series of albums "Live at Bernies" in late 2005 (Tony Monaco and Tim Neal are now also a part of this series).
Kim has also arranged for film and theatre including the popular Australian TV series "Saddle Club" and for Katie Underwood (ex Bardot). He is a sought after session musician and was hand picked by the legendary sax player Dave Liebman (Miles Davis Band) to perform on a recent internationally released CD. Current projects include (personnel member and fill in): The Mike Jordan Trio, The Paul Van Ross Trio, Craig Simon Collective, Paul Williamsons Hammond Combo, Continental Robert, Joe Chindamo, Stephen Magnusson, Julien Wilson, Gil Askey, The May Johnston Band, 2120, Bob Valentine and the Providers, Barbara Blue, Karen Johns.
contact: kim_kelaart@hotmail.com
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The Monash Sessions
Jazzhead Records
recorded September 2015 at Monash University/Australia
Kate Ceberano, vocals
Kim Kelaart, organ
Aaron Syrjane
Monash Sessions
Niran Dasika, accordion
Rob Burke, bass clarinet, tenor sax

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