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Thierry Smets
Alongside piano, writing and organ studies (Alphonse Mailly prize from the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles), Thierry (* 1956 in Bruxelles) began very young, not only as a church organist, but also as a pianist accompanying variety singers. Very early attracted by improvisation and jazz (stays in the United States, notably in New Orleans and New York), he wanted to understand and master the harmony that relates to it. He performed in small groups, among others in jazz clubs of Bruxelles.
In the 1980s and 1990s, he was regularly hired by the Jeunesses Musicales for which he made several concert tours as an organist and as a jazz pianist.
Never having been able to really choose, he is now torn between the organ and electronic instruments. He rediscovered a passion that had been latent for a long time: the Hammond organ which has been immortalized through jazz from 1950. In 2010, he recorded a solo jazz CD at the Hammond organ with, among other things, his own compositions.
Faithful to his function as organist at the Church of Saint-Pierre and Paul in Châtelet/Belgium (organ by Maurice Delmotte inaugurated in 1943) and at the Châtelet organ festival which he created in 1983, he gives an annual of the three recitals which is highly appreciated by the public. A fierce defender of heritage and anxious to maintain the organ he owns in a good state of long-term conservation, he has supervised since 2008 the work of raising and dusting the instrument as well as the electrification of the traction to the windchests as well as the continuation of the restoration implemented by the Factory Council.
As a concert organist, he plays regularly in Belgium and abroad: among others in France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal (for the Jeunesses musicales), Germany (Weingarten) Poland (Oliwa). He has also produced several CDs and recordings for radio stations, notably the VRT. We can also recall the extraordinary improvisation recital on the themes of Beatles songs, on 04 September 2010 at the Mons collegiate church.
Thierry Smets is professor of musical writing at the Conservatoire royal de Mons. Previously, a full professor of a written harmony class (from 1987 to 2006), he trained many students at the first prize diploma. He was also, from 1981 to 2003, a professor at the Académie des Arts de la Ville de Bruxelles where he gave, among other things, a jazz course and music writing courses. Affected by the laws on cumulation, he was forced to give up this function. He is also a member of the board of directors of the Union wallonne des organistes.
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Hammond Organ Solo
Le Chant de Linos
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Thierry Smets, Hammond organ

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