picture of Georges Arvanitas
Georges Arvanitas
Georges was born in 1931 in Marseille. He started to study the classical piano at age 5. His career began as an accompanist for jazz greats. When, in 1952, he moved to Paris, Georges made his debut in two of the most famous jazz clubs, le Tabou et le Trois-Malletz. He encountered, among others, Dexter Gordon, Bill Coleman, Dizzy Gillespie, Barney Kessl, Roland Kirk and Sonny Stitt, and played together with them.
In the 60's, Georges two times toured the USA. Later he founded his own trio, with which he recorded various albums.
Georges passed away on 25 September 2005.


What's New
Mercury 135 720 MCY
released 1969
recorded June 1969 in Paris/France
Barney Kessel, guitar
Carlo Pes, guitar
Georges Arvanitas, organ
Guy Pettersen, bass
Pierre-Alain Dahan, drums
Bernard Lubat, percussion
Michel Delaporte, percussion
Three Of Us
Saravah 591043
recorded June 1970 in France
Georges Arvanitas, Hammond organ, piano
Jacky Samson, bass
Charles Saudrais, drums
Orgue Hammond
Carrere 66452
recorded 1987 in France
Georges Arvanitas, Hammond organ
Jean-Claude Oliver, guitar
Jacky Samson, bass
Charles Saudrais, drums
Paris Jazz Trio: Complete Recordings
Atelier Sawano AS116
recorded in Paris/France, track:
01-04: January 1958
05-08: March 1958
09-12: January 1959
13-16: June 1959
17-20: October 1959
21-22: June 1959
Georges Arvanitas, piano, Hammond organ
Guy Lafitte, tenor sax
Benoît Quersin, bass
Christian Garros, drums

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