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Eddy Delhaye
Eddy's (borned in Belgium in 1947) grand father directed a local brass band and played the bombardon, his mother was a traditional pianist. At age four, Eddy got his first instrument, a diatonic accordion. A few years later, his interest in the piano arose. At age 11, his parents wanted to enrole him at the academy. The professors diagnosed high musical gifts, but did not accept Eddy due to musical immaturity.
When in 1963 the owner of the bar "Le St James" put a room at the disposal of some musicians, Eddy joined in. A year later, "The Jamers" performed for the first time. Their music was marked by R & B. Encouraged by a renowned agent, "The Jamers" started to tour Belgium and Europe, with the singer Jimmy James. Soon, Eddy was able to buy his first Hammond organ, a L100 model with a Leslie cabinet.
In 1970, Eddy decided to leave The Jamers to finish his university studies (the Hammond L100 was sold). His interest for playing the organ dropped, and it took him nearly eight years to discover his love for music again, this time the jazz of Jimmy Smith and Lou Bennett. In 1979, Eddy bought his second organ, a Hammond B200 with a Leslie cabinet, and began to study the jazz standards, exercising the bass lines with the left hand.
When in 1982 Lou Bennett performed at the "Piano Bar" in Namur, the fate led together Eddy and Lou. Eddy became the Belgian agent for Lou who lived at Eddy's house when performing in Belgium. During these stays, Lou taught Eddy with great patience and generosity to play the Hammond organ. Eddy completely devoted himself to the jazz and gave many concerts in Belgian jazz clubs, also in the legendary "Brussel's Jazz Club", together with drummer René Capelle, sometimes accompanying the singer Nicole Overath. He also played together with the saxophonists Yoop Ayal and Jacques Peltzer.
Eddy meanwhile had learnt to use the pedals and had bought a Hammond C-3 organ with 2 Leslies 122. Every year in September, Eddy organized a jazz night, which took place at his home. Lou Bennett, Jacques Pelzer, Richard Rousselet, Suong Babyand and some other well known artists performed at these events.
In 1998 Eddy Delhaye decided to move to France. He winded up his company and settled definitively in La Palme (in the south of France). He devoted a good part of his time to the jazz, but more and more promoting other musicians and international organists. Meanwhile, a Hammond B-3 is the most important equipment of his home. Eddy repeated what he had done before in Belgium: He organized jazz nights with great artists at his farm near La Palme. He put his activities on a commercial base and founded PROMOJAZZ. Eddy himself is still performing jazz on the organ, together with drummer René Nan.
contact: eddy.delhaye@wanadoo.fr
homepage: www.eddydelhaye.com
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Live In Conilhac
no label
recorded live 2004 at the jazz festival in Conilhac/France
Eddy Delhaye, Hammond B-3 organ
Jean Michel Cabrol, tenor sax
Vincent Calmettes, drums
Louis Martinez, guitar

Live In St.Nazaire
recorded 26 August 2005
Eddy Delhaye, Hammond B-3 organ
René Nan, drums

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