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Jacky Giordano
An aura of mystery hangs over Jacky (* 1945 in Algier/Algeria), a studio musician who has mostly worked for library music. He is the one behind the amazing label Freesound, as well on Montparnasse 2000, on Timing (under the nickname Jacky Nodaro), on Musax with Boucles Rythmiques (under the nickname Joachim Sherylee). Jacky wasn't an altar boy, far from it, and will have sadly been more known for his troubles with his troubles with justice than for his music. The LP Organ, as its name suggests, is a tribute to this instrument and all the genius of Jacky, mixing the instrument with bass synthesizers and Rhodes to create grooves tinged with melancholy. Jacky died in 2012.


Freesound FS 3/74
released 1974
Jacky Giordano, organ, keyboards
no further details known
Freesound FS 4/74
released 1974
Jacky Giordano, keyboards
Yan Tregger, director
Tony Bonfils, bass
André Ceccarelli, drums
Pop In Devil's Train
Editions Montparnasse 2000 MP 107
released 1976
Jacky Giordano, organ, keyboards
L'Illustration Musicale IM 24
released 1977
Jacky Giordano, organ, keyboards
Organ Plus
L'Illustration Musicale IM 26
released 1978
Jacky Giordano, organ, keyboards
Farfalla Records FR02LP
Jacky Giordano, organ, keyboards
no further details known

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