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Hans-Günther Adam
Really, Hans-Günther is a piano player. He did start at the age of 12 to play the piano and the organ, but took lessons not before he turned 25. From 1982, he studied at the college of music in Dortmund/Germany.
As a specialty, Hans-Günther plays a bass pedal in combination with the piano. This ability lets him switch to the organ easily. Adam is not the typical B3 player, but uses keyboards of various origins. He was deeply influenced by the great Oscar Peterson, and had the chance to make studio recordings with Jeff Hamilton, a member of the Oscar Peterson trio, as well as with the blues vocalist Jean Carroll.
contact: julia@tankgirl.de
homepage: www.tastenadam.de
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Back To The Roots
no label
recorded June 2002 in Köln/Germany
Ali Claudi, guitar, vocals
Uwe Haselhorst, sax, flute
Hans-Günther Adam, organ
Kurz Billker, drums

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