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Thomas Bauser
Thomas has become established as a jazz organist during the last years mainly in the German and Swiss jazz scene. Enjoying the sound of the legendary Hammond B-3 organ, he has developped an individual style of his own on this instrument, influenced strongly by contemporary organists such as Larry Goldings, Dan Wall, or Sam Yahel. He uses both the manual and pedal keys likewise in a manner typical for the Hammond organ.
Since a couple of years, Thomas performs in clubs and on festivals, mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Moreover, he toured France, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, China, Brazil and the USA. Beside his steady projects, such as the BHS Organ Trio, Lorenzo Petrocca Organ Trio, Bucher's Organ Book, he played together with international artists like Alex Sipiagin, John Swana, Lousiana Red, Gary Barone, David Friesen, Peter O´Mara, Jason Marshall, Bert Joris, Tino Gonzales, Matthias Bergmann, Axel Fischbacher, Annie Whitehead, Cecile Verny, toktoktok, a.m.m.
Thomas lives in Freiburg, his adopted home, where he initialized the project "Hammond Jazz Night" (www.hammondjazznight.de). Every fortnight during the months of September through April, national and international artists perform together with Thomas at the Hammond.
contact: thomasbauser@web.de
homepage: www.thomasbauser.de
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