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Hansi Enzensperger
Hansi is a professional mechanic. But already as a youngster, he plays gigs, and soon he makes up his mind to devote his life to music. He is able to inspire the blues scene in München by his ecstatic, intuitive playing and the warm sounds of his Hammond B-3 organ and other vintage instruments. Consequently, he decides to study jazz at the Musikhochschule München (conservatory) with Tizian Jost and Leonid Chizhik. He also learns to compose and to arrange.
During his studies, he comes in contact with Ludwig Klöckner (bass) and Manfred Mildenberger (drums). They often play together jam sessions. In the summer 2011, they found the band Organ Explosion. In 2014, the band releases their first CD.
contact: info@organ-explosion.de
homepage: www.organ-explosion.de
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Organ Explosion
recorded 2014 in Germany
Hansi Enzensperger, Hammond organ, keyboards
Ludwig Klockner, bass
Manfred Mildenberger, drums, percussion
Mathias Götz, trombone
Martina Mühlpointner, vocal
Florian Sagner, trumpet
Sascha Lühr, alto sax
Biboul Darouiche, congas, tambourine

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