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Armin Franz
Armin was born in 1953. At the age of 7, he began practicing classical piano. Seven years later, he started playing jazz and Latin organ, laying his mark on an independent grooving bass pedal. For about 15 years, he played jazz and Latin influenced dinner and bar music on different Hammond organs. Styles such as of Dieter Reith, Jimmy Smith and Jimmy Mc Griff were examples he adopted for his own playing.
In 1973, he bought an A-100 model and learnt how to play the "real thing". At the same time, he began to play the church organ. Studying sports in Köln offered him the chance of joining the Musikhochschule and practicing jazz as a guest-student, i.e. with Jiggs Whigham.
End of the 80's, Armin discovered his love for the piano, and started studies which were deeply influenced by the playing of Bill Evans, Keith Jarret, Esbjörn Svensson, to mention a few. But when, years later, Armin attended to a concert of Michael Brecker and Larry Goldings, the "organ-virus" again appeared. This was the beginning of a second decade of an "organ mania". He listened to Joey Defrancesco, Larry Goldings, Larry Young, Dan Wall and Paul Wagnberg, who gave him impulses on his way of finding his own style, still preferring the bass pedal.
Armin nowadays is a member of several Jazz-Groups and the "Landes-Lehrer-Big-Band Rheinland-Pfalz".
contact: franzarmin@hotmail.com
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