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Fraser Gartshore
Fraser was born in Inverness, way up north in the Scottish Highlands, but has lived and worked in Germany since 2000. He studied music in Edinburgh, where he also worked as organist and conductor as well as honing his composition and arrangement skills working for some of the biggest names in the UK music scene. His work includes Ska, Reggae, Rock and Pop numbers for different groups ranging from small bands right up to bigbands and orchestras. He himself lovse classic jazz and has enjoyed playing with a number of world-class musicians from this style. He would like to think Ihe is a bit of a specialist for Stride Piano and Boogie Woogie – he is also more than happy to sit back and relax and do a bit of Count Basie style too!
Fraser has worked in radio and TV since his teens – behind the scenes and in front of the mic/camera. His Scottish humour and talent for controlling an audience has added to his popularity here in Germany, where he enjoys a full life as musician with numerous engagements around the country as well as further afield.
He lives out in the sticks in the Westerwald ("Wester Wood") between Köln and Frankfurt and split his time between performing, writing and rehearsing with his regional choirs and local orchestra or working in the garden or on one of his old cars. True to his roots, he also collect (and enjoy drinking) single malt whisky – it’s cheaper here in Germany!
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