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Heinrich Haas
Heinrich (*1982 in München) received his first musical education from his father who played various instruments. Early at age six he learnt drums and Hammond organ, some time later also piano. The fortune led the 13 year old Heinrich to meet the famous band leader Hugo Strasser, when both recorded in a studio. Strasser was deeply impressed by the musical skills of the boy and, in 1999, invited him to be a featured guest at a concert of his Hot Five. That was the beginning of a life time friendship - Strasser became the mentor of Heinrich.
From 2002 to 2004, Heinrich attended the Richard-Strauß-Konservatorium in München, where he studied jazz piano. Often, he played as a guest in Strasser's band on his Hammond B3 organ. Soon, he became a member of the Hot Five and the Hugo Strasser Orchestra.
In 2012, Heinrich founded his first own band, the Celebrate In Style, 2013 followed Walking Voices. In 2014, he took the direction of the Wolfgang Fierek Band. He performed with greats such as Max Greger, Hazy Osterwald, Bibi Johns, Hazy Osterwald, Götz Alsmann, Karel Gott, Tom Gaebel, Tony Lakatos, Pete York, Peter Kraus, Martin Schmitt, Chris Andrew, Paul Carrack, Monika Gruber, Willy Astor, Wolfgang Fierek, Harold Faltermeyer, Charly Antolini, Tony Lakatos, to name a few.
In December 2015, shortly before his death, Hugo Strasser consigned his orchestra along with all rights to Heinrich as a gift. But he could not continue the musical work for longtime - he died due to cancer in April 2020.


Hob Des
Mons MR 874504
recorded in Germany
Eva Pantelli, vocals
Heinrich Haas, Hammond B-3 organ
Gerhard Kraus, guitar
Bernd Reiter, drums
Tom Reinbrecht, sax
Willi Johanns, vocals

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