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Ingfried Hoffmann
As early as 1963, Ingfried presented his first solo album together with René Thomas, Helmut Kandlberger and Klaus Weiss - "Hoffmann's Hammond Tales". Three years later a second album was released "From twen with love", a compilation of 007-themes. Pierre Cavalli, Volker Kriegel, Peter Trunk and Ralf Lüderitz were his sidemen. The very beginnings of his career lie years earlier, when Ingfried joined the Klaus Doldinger Quartet and Paul Nero's Sounds (Paul Nero has been a synonym of Klaus Doldinger). He also worked together with Attila Zoller and Lucky Thompson; one album of Lucky ("A Lucky Songbook in Europe") presents Ingfried as an organ player. During a certain period Ingfried toured with his "steel organ", as he called his Hammond. Under the synonym "Memphis Black" he recorded an album full of soul music titles. Later in the 80's Ingfried withdrew from the organ scene and attended to arranging, composing and teaching, where we can find him still today.
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Klaus Doldinger Ensemble live at NDR Hamburg 1962
no label
recorded live December 1962 at NDR Studio 10, Hamburg/Germany
Klaus Doldinger, tenor sax
Kenny Clarke, drums
Don Ellis, trumpet
Jacques Pelzer, sax, flute
Ingfried Hoffmann, organ, piano
Benoit Quersin, bass
Rene Thomas, guitar
Hammond Tales
Philips 840437
recorded July 1963 in Germany
Ingfried Hoffmann, organ, piano
René Thomas, guitar
Helmut Kandlberger, bass
Klaus Weiss, drums
Doldinger Live At Blue Note Berlin
Philips 840444
recorded live December 1963 in Berlin/Germany
Klaus Doldinger, tenor sax
Ingfried Hoffmann, organ
Helmut Kandlberger, bass
Klaus Weiss, drums
Peter trunk, bass
Doldinger In Südamerika
recorded 1965 in Germany
Klaus Doldinger, tenor sax, soprano sax
Ingfried Hoffmann, organ, piano
Peter Trunk, bass
Cees See, drums, percussion
Attila Zoller, guitar
The Big Beat
recorded March 1965 in Germany
Klaus Doldinger, tenor sax
Ingfried Hoffmann, organ
Peter Trunk, bass
Gibson Cemp, drums
Attila Zoller, guitar
Stefan Dobrcinsky, alto sax, tenor sax
Sahib Shihab, baritone sax
Klaus Vomann, bass
From Twen With Love
Philips 843779
recorded January 1966 in Berlin/Germany
Ingfried Hoffmann, Hammond organ
Pierre Cavalli, guitar
Volker Kriegel, guitar
Peter Trunk, bass
Ralf Lüderitz, drums
Soul Club
Sunset SLS 50059Z
recorded ???
Ingfried Hoffmann alias Memphis Black, organ
further players unknown
A Lucky Songbook In Europe
MPS 15231
recorded March 1969 in Villingen/Germany
Lucky Thompson, tenor sax, soprano sax
Sadi, vibes, bongos, congas
René Thomas, guitar
Eberhard Weber, bass
Stu Martin, drums
Ingfried Hoffmann, organ
The Ambassador
Liberty LBS 83317/18X
recorded June 1969 in München/Germany
Klaus Doldinger, tenor sax, soprano sax, percussion
Ingfried Hoffmann, organ, piano
Helmut Kandlberger, bass
Ces See, drums
Musik Revue
Fontana 6434 234
released 1975
Klaus Doldinger, soprano sax, tenor sax
Volker Kriegel, guitar
Ingfried Hoffmann, piano, organ
Helmut Kandelberger, bass
Peter Trunk, bass
Cees See, drums
Klaus Weiss, drums
Fats Sadi, percussion

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