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Joachim Kühn
Joachim (* 1944 in Leipzig) startet his jazz career in 1962 when he joined the quintet of Ernst-Ludwig Petrowski. In 1966, he moved to Western Germany and performed together with his brother Rolf (clarinet). In 1968, Joachim moved to Paris, where he founded his own groups, and played together with Jean-Luc Ponty, Philip Catherine, Alphonse Mouzon, Pierre Courbois, Jan Akkerman, Billy Cobham, Zbigniew Seifert and Aldo Romano. Today, he lives in Paris and on Ibiza.
He meanwhile is a pianist of international reputation. The organ is not his first choice. Only a few tracks can be found where he plays the Hammond, for example on his brother Rolf's album "Going To The Rainbow" or the album "Dear Prof. Leary" of Barney Wilen. On Joachim's album "Sunshower", a project with Jan Akkerman and Ray Gomez, he preferred synthesizers, and the B3 is only one of many. Of greater interest for organ fans is a release by Mark Nauseef in 1983, on which, among others, the young Markus Stockhausen can be heard. Joachim plays the piano and the church organ.
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Dear Prof. Leary
MPS 15191
reissued 2008
recorded June 1968 in Villingen/Germany
Barney Wilen, soprano sax, tenor sax
Mimi Lorenzini, guitar
Joachim Kühn, piano, organ
Günther Lenz, bass
Aldo Romano, drums
Wolfgang Paap, drums
Going To The Rainbow
recorded December 1970 in Köln/Germany
Rolf Kühn, clarinet
Joachim Kühn, piano, organ
John Surman, baritone sax, soprano sax, piano
Chick Corea, piano
Tony Oxley, drums
Atlantic SD 19193
recorded February/March 1978 in Burbank, CA/USA
Joachim Kühn, piano, synthsizer, Hammond B-3 organ
Jan Akkerman, guitar
Ray Gomez, guitar
Tony Newton, bass
Glenn Symmonds, drums
Willie Dee, vocals
CMP Records 1
recorded January 1983 in Hamburg/Germany
Mark Nauseef, drums, Asian instruments
Joachim Kühn, piano, church organ
Markus Stockhausen, trumpet, flugelhorn
Trilok Gurtu, percussion, congas
Kamalesh Maitra, sarod, tablatarang
David Torn, guitar
Herbert Försch, drums, gongs
Detlef Beier, bass
Laura Patchen, tanpura
monks from bhutuan, vocals

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