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Paul Kuhn
Paul (* 1928), a.k.a. Paulchen, was a famous pianist, band leader and composer. Already at age 8, he performed on the accordion. At age 16, he studied the piano at the conservatory in Wiesbaden. After the war, living in Frankfurt, he worked for the AFN (American Forces Network) as a pianist. He adopted the sound of Glenn Miller.
In the 1950's, Paul captured the jazz clubs with his swinging sound. Soon, he was well known as the "Mann am Klavier" (man on the piano). In the 1970's, he was the bandleader of the SFB Big Band in West Berlin. From 1995, Paul reminded his love to the jazz, founded a jazz trio, and played together with big bands of Hugo Strasser and Max Greger. As late as 2011, he recorded an album in the USA, which was critically acclaimed. Paul died in September 2013.
You will rarely find Paul at the organ. But there is one album on which Paul is to be heard as a jazz organ player! Three cuts only, but excellent ones! In 1965, Bill Ramsey, Paul Kuhn, Johnny Fischer and others met together to produce the album "Ballads And Blues".


Ballads And Blues
Die Volksplatte SMVP 6123
reissued on Bear Family Records BCD 15693
recorded November 1965 in Köln/Germany
Bill Ramsey, vocals
Paul Kuhn, piano, Hammond organ
Johnny Fischer, bass
Stuff Combs, drums
Kurt Becker, flute, vibes
Derek Humble, alto sax
Karl Drewe, tenor sax
Jimmy Deucher, trumpet

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