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Burkhard Mohr
Burkhard, born 1955, grew up with classical music. His father was a professional organist und conductor. So he started to learn the piano, the trumpet, and, at the age of 16, the church organ. By this time, he also started to compose music for these instruments.
Burkhard studied church music, theology and composition in Frankfurt/Main. In 1976, he became the organist and conductor of various music groups at the Protestant Stadtkirche in Frankfurt/Main.
When, in 1979, Burkhard played some jazzy tunes during a manager's marriage, he was engaged as a guest soloist of a jazz festival. This was the beginning of his jazz career. He played mainly improviations and compositions of his own. He was highly inspired by the special sounds of the pipe organs. Burkhard could, from this time on, perform in various cities of Germany. He also gave concerts together with percussionists, trumpet or sax players.
Burkhard has provided a wide range of compositions, i.e. for organ solo, organ together with other instruments, a church opera and a concert for organ and orchestra, chamber music, music for orchestra and theatre.
contact: pbmohr@aol.com
homepage: www.mohr-musik.de
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A Bit Like Soul
OPUS 7091-2
recorded 1994 at Kreuzkirche in Wiesbaden/Germany
Burhard Mohr, church organ

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