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Christoph Schlüssel
Christoph (*1974) started to play the organ at age 6, when his father bought a used electronic home organ. He got lessons, and some years later, Christoph was ready for public performances. In 1991, he again took lessons from a professional musician. In 1994, a long-held dream came true: a real Hammond organ, model A-100.
In the spring of 1997 he passed the entrance exam for Hammond organ at the Enschede Conservatory, and studied with John Hondorp. Christoph founded his own Hammond trio in 1998. The next step in his musical career was the band Groove Connection in the year 2001. 2008 saw him as keyboarder with Oliver Steinhoff. The Christoph Schlüssel Challenge Band followed in 2009. In 2011, he began as keyboarder for the Amy Winehouse Tribute Band, where he is active till today.
An interesting cooperation with another Hammond organist, Gero Körner, started in 2021, the Organ Vibes Soultett. Today, Christoph works also as teacher for piano and organ (keymusic.de).
contact: csbm@gmx.de
homepage: www.christoph-schluessel.de
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