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Paul Schwarz
Paul (* 1946) studied from 1967 till 1974 mathematics and church music at the university of Tübingen. Between 1970 and 1976, Paul worked as a freelance pianist of classic music, but his interest in jazz arose. More and more he played with big bands, such as the NDR-, WDR-, and SDR Big Band, as well as the Joos orchestre and the Koller Brass Band. Since 1976, Paul toured Asia, Africa and America with several big bands.
Also, Paul realized projects with Prakash Maharaj (Indian music), Latif Durlanke and Hakim Ludin (Turkish music), and Sue Lan Chu (Chinese music). He worked as a lecturer for piano and jazz theory at the Music College in Stuttgart and Trossingen.
contact: paulschwarz@gmx.net
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Creative Works CW 1003
recorded December 1985 in Stuttgart/Germany
Paul Schwarz, pipe organ
Bernd Konrad, soprano sax, baritone sax, sopranino, bass clarinet

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