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Malc Deakin
As an official Hammond Artist, he now exclusively plays the New Generation Hammond Organs and his equipment includes the new B-3, XK-3c keyboards and a arsenal of Leslie Speakers.
His work as a musician has taken him all over the word including extensive tours of the USA, shows in China, Japan and almost every country in Europe including Poland, Finland and Sweden.
Known best for his signature 'hard edged' Hot Hammond Grooves his love of Hammond Organs started at the age of 10 when he discovered the Black American Hammond Jazz & Blues Organ Grinders and in particular was inspired by the late great Jimmy McGriff.
On quitting school at 15 work started in the local Hammond dealer music store which quickly lead to him being used by Hammond as player during their 'Showcase' era back in the 70's but the call of 'live band performance' quickly took him on the road playing Hammond, ARP and Rhodes in many of the night club cabaret bands of that time before being offered a job by the late jazz guitar legend Charlie Walters from whom he learnt 'bucket loads' about harmony and playing in bands.
Many bands, tours, sessions and gigs later, synth manufactures started to use him as a promoter / demonstrator and he then started to forge relationships with many keyboard instrument manufactures as a front man at major promotions and shows due to the relaxed, fun, informal and entertaining way in which he conducts a live stage show.
About 10 years ago he started to work closely with the current Hammond Organ UK operation which has now concluded in him being used as the official Hammond UK Product Specialist / Demonstrator on major events and well as also being used by Hammond Europe and Hammond Japan including R&D input as well as performance.
Currently between Official Hammond Gigs, Hammond Player Workshops and Clinics, Malc is recording, writing, performing and making guest appearances with many bands and artistes. He also fronts a SuperBand called B3fnk which goes out several times a year with an all star line up of musicians.
contact: info@malcdeakin.co.uk
homepage: www.malcdeakin.co.uk


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