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Pete Saunders
1976 Pete started performing at the age of 16, with a Birmingham Pub Theatre company called strangely enough Pub Theatre. He was spotted messing around on pianos at Cannon Hill art centre by Mike Cooper who recruited him to write the music for his unique approach to the King Kong story. Involving a four foot 6 gorilla and some paper planes! He found himself at the Edinburgh Fringe and working with Terry Johnson.
On leaving school and home in 1978 Pete answered an advert to join a "new wave" band in the evening mail. This turned out to be Dexys Midnight Runners who he was with when recording first album Young Soul Rebels, on which he co-wrote a couple of songs.
In 1979 aged 19, Pete seemed to have both a musical career and university career behind him and moving to London he really didn't know what to do with himself. He took up van driving, for a crust and played piano with people who asked him.
He remembered hearing Carmel's single Bad Day on the radio while driving his van. He thought at last there are people making the sort of music he wanted to play. He talked to the record company and told them he wanted to play with her! After an audition in Manchester Peter found himself playing on her first album. He also was playing with old friends Serious Drinking. Some odd times having played with Carmel during the day travelling down to do a gig at Feltham football club to entertain skinheads! But playing with Serious Drinking was some of the most fun he had had in music.
Then around 1986 the party seemed to be over. Serious Drinking evaporated. Pete played for a while with Jake Burns. Formed a nearly great band recorded a day at the races and then left, gave up music for a while. Started running his own decorating company, ended up seriously suffering from depression. Lucky break when the Jive Aces a Jump Jive band invited him to an audition which resulted in a quick tour to Germany. Life started looking up though he had a lot to learn. The Jive aces are Scientologists and though he had his doubts about it as a religion they treated him decently and got him back on a path which he regretted leaving. They toured in France, Germany and Switzerland with them until he left. Started playing some dinner jazz and gigs with The Fallen Heroes until in 1999 he formed his own band the New Originals and took his first steps as an independent musician! playing music he loves.
contact: pete@petesaunders.co.uk
homepage: www.petesaunders.co.uk
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The Drum Is Everything
London LP8555
recorded 1984
Carmel, vocals
Gerry Darby, drums
John Florian, drums
Isaac Osapanin, drums
James Paris, bass
Pete Saunders, organ
Helen Watson, vocals

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