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Harry Stoneham
Harry (* 1930 in West Ham) started learning the piano at an early age. He studied at the London College of Music and switched his attention to the organ in 1962.
During the 1960s he worked with several name bands - notably Johnny Howard's - and enjoyed playing any kind of music, if it's good. "I like to break up the TV film and recording sessions by working on cruise-liners and in clubs; for me, entertaining 'live' is still the most important aspect of show-business: recording studios lack atmosphere!".
Harry was perhaps most well known for his appearances on the BBC Terry Wogan and Michael Parkinson talk shows as musical director.
The Terry Wogan show was generally broadcast live from BBC Television Theatre in Shepherd's Bush, London until 1991. It was then broadcast from the BBC Television Centre. Some shows were pre-recorded, but broadcast unedited, 'as live'. Wogan ended its run in July 1992. Harry Stoneham and his group provided the musical backing for many of Terry's guests as he did for Michael Parkinson.
Outside the BBC studios Harry Stoneham avoided the public eye to the extent of keeping his telephone number and home address private. He died in 2018.
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High Power Hammond
Columbia TWO 326
released 1970
Harry Stoneham, Hammond organ, piano, harpsichord
Ray Davies, trumpet, flugelhorn
Eric Ford, guitar
Vic Flick, guitar
Pete Morgan, bass
Barry Morgan, drums
Bill Le Sage, percussion
Pete Ahern, percussion
High, Wide And Hammond
Studio 2 Stereo TWOX 1019
released 1974
Harry Stoneham, organ, piano, celesta
Pete Hughes, sax, flute
Albert Hall, trumpet, flugelhorn
Eric Ford, guitar, banjo
Pete Morgan, bass
Dougie Wright, drums
Jim Lawless, percussion
Pete Ahern, percussion
Hammond Sounds Relaxing
Drum Records DRUM8099
released 1974
Harry Stoneham, Hammond organ
Dick Abel, guitar
Pete Morgan, bass
Chris Karan, drums
I Feel Good, I Feel Funky
One-Up OU 2127
released 1976
Harry Stoneham, Hammond B-3 organ, Fender Rhodes
Rex Morris, tenor sax, baritone sax
Chris Pyne, trombone
Albert Hall, trumpet
Tony Fisher, trumpet
Colin Green, guitar
Brian Odgers, bass
Herbie Flowers, bass
Barry Morgan, drums
Dougie Wright, drums
Chris Karan, percussion
Tony Carr, percussion

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