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Ευγενία Καρλαύτη
(Evgenia Karlafti)
Evgenia started to play the piano at the age four and has been an active musician since the age of 13 years old, playing and singing for several groups, along with her classical training as a pianist. Having played classical piano as a solist or member of chamber music ensembles, as a keyboardist in rock groups, but also Greek and ethnic music she has an open minded taste in music and strongly believes that Music is beyond genres, and stylistic tricks.
In 2006, she founded the group Music Soup together with guitarist Nestor Dimopoulos.
contact: music.soup@hotmail.com
homepage: www.musicsoupband.com
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Cut To The Chase
Chicken Coup CCP7025
recorded spring 2016 in Greece
Evgenia Karlafti, organ, piano, vocals
Nestor Dimopoulos, guitar
Vangelis Kotzabasis, drums
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