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Mátyás Premecz
Mátyás has been involved in music since he was six years old. Since several of his family members played the piano, it was natural for his parents to enroll him in a music school. He studied piano at the Aladár Tóth Music School, and also sang in school choirs. Adrienne Kaiser was his piano teacher. He began his jazz studies at the Post Office House of Culture in 2000, and in the same year he won second place in the soloist category at the Jazz 2000 Children's and Youth Jazz Festival.
In 2002 he joined the band Brass On Brass, in which he played with Zsófia Hudák, Tibor Bényei, János Mazura, József Fritz and Csanád Fajszi. From 2002 to 2007 he studied at the jazz department of the Liszt Ferenc Zeneművészeti Egyetem (Franz Liszt Academy of Music), with masters: Károly Binder, Mihály Borbély and Attila László. In 2003, he became a member of the Trio Quartet, playing arrangements with songs by John Scofield and Medeski, Martin and Wood.
In 2006, he earned a degree in computer science from the University of Technology. From 2006 he was a member of the band Triton Electric Octopus, in which he played with János Vázsonyi (saxophone), Márk Badics (drums) and Attila Herr (bass). He also played in the Barabás Lőrinc Eklektric band, which was formed in the summer of 2006. He has also been a member of the band Boogie & The Cry Baby since 2006.
In addition to the regular bands, he also plays solo and has often performed as a guest in the Smárton trio, as in Egy Kiss Erzsi Zen, the latter band Kinono. In 2007 he played with Jackie Orszáczky and her band on their tour in Hungary, as well as with the Irie Mafia. Other bands: Mardi Grass Jazz Band, FunkFactory, Random Wednesday a.k.a. Lantern Orchestra a.k.a. Lőrinc Barabás and his friends, Mocsár Trio, Monophonic, Brass on Brass, Jerry Lee Lewis Memorial Band, Magányos Lelk, CRB - Béla Radics Memorial Band. He often plays songs by Jimmy Smith, Reuben Wilson and Lonnie Smith, but also composes and performs his own compositions.
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contact: info@keknyul.com
homepage: www.keknyul.com
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Kéknyúl - Live at Gödör
recorded live 2010
Mátyás Premecz , Hammond Organ B3
Márk Badics, drums
András Jász, alto sax
János Ávéd, tenor sax
Attila Bognár, trombone
Tamás Zádor, guitar
Panoramic Tymes
Tramp Records TRCD-9008
Mátyás Premecz, organ
Péter Bede, alto sax, tenor sax
Gábor Weisz, tenor sax, baritone sax
Márton Élő, trombone
Ádám Meggyes, trumpet
Barna Szőke, guitar
Ernő Hock, bass, vocals
Hunor G. Szabó, drums, vocals
József Czibere, percussion
Dávid Szarvas, percussion
Káosz Kanada, vocals
Nahát Bahám
Kept Alive Records KAR CD 001
recorded live 06 October 2010 at Gödör Klub in Budapest/Hungary
Mátyás Premecz, Hammond organ
András Jász, alto sax
János Ávéd, tenor sax
Attila Bognár, trombone
Tamás Zádor, guitar
Márk Badics, drums
Crowded Universe
MG Records
recorded in Hungary
Mátyás Premecz, keyboards
Andrew Hefler, vocals
Zsolt Csókás, guitar
András Jász, alto sax
Attila Bognár, trombone
Csaba Puskás, trumpet
István Bata, bass
Márk Badics, drums
Vera Jonás, vocals
Declan Hannigan, vocals
Organ Grinder's Suite
no label, digital only
István Gyárfás, guitar
Mátyás Premecz, Hammond organ
György Jeszenszky, drums

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