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Cees Schrama
Cees (*1936 in Den Haag) was a jazz musician and producer. He came from a musical family: his father played the saxophone, his mother was a pianist. He started playing the accordion and later the guitar, after which the piano and the organ became his main instruments. After high school he soon started performing as a pianist, such as in 1957 with the Ted Easton Combo led by Theo van Est for American soldiers in Europe.
From 1966 to 1970 he played on records by Golden Earring (then still The Golden Earrings) and in 1970 he released the album Powerhouse under the name Casey and the Pressure Group. His performance of jazz standard Comin' home baby, together with members of Golden Earring, also dates from that time. The song Soultango became a modest hit. In 1972 he joined the record company Polydor and the following year he became presenter of the TROS Hilversum 3 and later Radio 3 program Sesjun. He also played on numerous records as a studio musician and produced gramophone records.
From the early 1990s onwards, Cees produced less and was also less and less present in the studio. In 1993, 1994 and 1995 he produced records by the Rosenberg Trio. In 2009 he was awarded the Paul Acket Award. He died in 2019.
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The Beast And I
Polydor 236 148
released 1967
George Kooymans, guitar
Cees Schrama, organ
Rinus Gerritsen, bass
Jaap Eggermont, drums

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