picture of Fred van Zegveld

Fred van Zegveld
Fred became known as the organ player of a charting Beatlesque group called Roek Williams & The Fighting Cats, though they changed their name into Roek's Family on the day Fred joined them in 1968, ready for their biggest hit Get Yourself A Ticket in 1969.
Fred was also a member of a group called The Flood that year, together with two musicians that also played in Roek Williams's group: Richard de Bois on bass, who became a top producer ten years later, for amongst others The Dolly Dots, and Will Luikinga on sax and flute, who became a famous DJ on Radio Veronica afterwards.


Park LBP 3006
Fred van Zegveld, Hammond organ
Rick Beekman, guitar
Ruud Jacobs, bass
Louis de Bey, drums

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