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Germán Lema
Germán, a composer and jazz pianist/organist, studied a few years at the American School of Modern Music in Paris and completed his studies in Ireland, where he obtained a First Honours BAJP (BA in Jazz Performance) from Newpark Music Centre and a MA in Contemporary Composition from the Waterford Institute of Technology.
From 2006 until 2009 Germán was part of the teaching staff of the jazz program at Newpark Music Centre, where he taught composition, arranging, harmony, jazz piano, improvisation and ensemble. He played at festivals in Spain, Ireland, Greece and Paraguay.
Having recently moved to Paraguay, he set the first full-time popular music program, a four year long course in jazz. Currently, he is composing for different jazz groups, as well as music for theatre plays, teaching and starting to write and arrange orchestral stuff. Germán is member of the Instituto Tecnológico de Música Popular & Contemporánea staff.
contact: gerlema@gmail.com
homepage: www.germanlema.com
myspace www.myspace.com/germanlema
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no label
Alejandro Santos, flute, piano
Germán Lema, Hammond organ, melodica
Juan Merlo, drums
no label
Germán Lema, piano, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, vocals
Daniel Pérez, sax
Juani Méndez, tenor sax
Celso Joabe, trumpet
Ariel Ferreyrola, guitar
Pey Etura, guitar
Álvar Llusá-Damiani, violin
Gabriel Cortez, bass
Hernán Hecht, drums
Víctor Batán, drums
Ernesto Zeppa, drums
Andy Viole, vocals
Federico Falcón, vocals
Fuera Del Ruido
no label
recorded in Bariloche/Argentina
Germán Lema, keyboards, vocals
Pablo Clavijo, sax
Milton Méndez, trombone
Juan Pablo Bergese, trumpet
Gabriel Cortez, bass
Hernán Hecht, drums
Víctor Batán, drums
Pato Caracoche, drums
Sebastián Ramírez, drums
no label
recorded in Bariloche/Argentina
Germán Lema, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, synthesizer
Diego Pérez Beveraggi, drums
no label
recorded in Asunción, Paraguay
Germán Lema, Hammond organ
David Rodríguez, alto sax
Bruno Muñoz, tenor sax
Víctor Sebastián Morel, drums

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