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Miloš Leban
Miloš started his musical career in his first class of primary school, when he signed into musical class for accordion. During his primary school he was also involved in different school bands playing the piano. He even played drums for three years a in brass orchestra.  Soon after school, Miloš formed a band called "Juke Box" together with drummer Andrej Maver, guitarist Matej Magajne, and bassist Damjan Cvek. They performed various prog-rock covers from artists like Deep Purple, Emerson Lake & Palmer, The Doors, Santana, Uriah Heep, Soft machine, and others.
The love for pro-rock music with vintage sound and equipment (Hammond organ, Rhodes) resulted in the year 1999 in forming a trio called "Feedback group" (Miloš, Andrej, Matej), performing only original music, a mixture of progressive rock/blues/jazz. Miloš played a Hammond organ and Rhodes along with all bass lines on an Elka/Farfisa keyboard.
Soon after the recording of their first original album in 2004 (released in 2008), the fourth member, bassist Andrej Klavžar, joined the group, forming the today's setup of Feedback. So far Feedback has released some albums and singles. They have performed on many festivals and venues in Slovenia and abroad.  
In addition to playing Rhodes electric piano and Hammond organ, Miloš is active in conducting and leading several known Slovenian vocal groups and choirs: Vokalna skupina Snezet, Kvartet Karik, Pevska skupina Kresn.
contact: info@feedback.si
homepage: www.feedback.si
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