picture of Per-Håkan Jansson
Per-Håkan Jansson
Per-Håkan was born in 1945 in Borlänge. At the early age of 5 he started to play the accordion. When 16, his interest for the Hammond organ arose, and he bought his first organ, a L100 model. It turned out to be the right choice, as at the age of 18, Per-Håkan decided to get a professional organ player. He then got a B3.
In 1967, Per-Håkan founded an organ jazz group (Groove Grinders). In the following years, he played in various bands led by him (Leflande Music, The Swede Singers, The Gimmicks, Meta Roos & Nippe Sylwens Band, and at last Roseband).
The last few years, Per-Håkan has withdrawn to his own studio where he is producing music.
contact: janns@telia.com
homepage: www.broadjam.com/janns
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