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Nils Lindberg
Having studied composition at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, Nils stands on a solid musical ground. His musical life, however, is dedicated to jazz. Critics see his roots in the folk music of Middle Sweden, his native country. They point to his ability of bridging old and new concepts.
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The Fresk Quartet
Bluebell 200
recorded September 1985 in Stockholm/Sweden
Nils Lindberg, organ, piano
Putte Wickman, clarinet
The Fresk Quartet
Jesper Lundgaard, bass
Rune Carlsson, drums
Don't Just Sing | An Anthology 1963-1999
Light In The Attic LITA 129
Karin Krog, vocals
Jan Garbarek, tenor sax
Dexter Gordon, tenor sax
Eje Thelin, trombone
Ted Curson, trumpet
Adelhard Roidinger, guitar
Kenny Drew, organ, piano
Berndt Egerbladh, organ
Nils Lindberg, pipe organ
Joachim Kühn, piano, alto sax
Lars Werner, piano
John Surman, piano, synthesizer, soprano sax, baritone sax, bamboo xylophone
Steve Kuhn, keyboards
Elisabeth Sönstevold, harp
Arild Andersen, bass
Terje Bjørklund, bass
Palle Danielsson, bass
Kurt Lindgren, bass
Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, bass
Steve Swallow, bass
Janne Carlsson, drums
Jon Christensen, drums
Svein Christiansen, drums
Aldo Romano, drums
Espen Rud, drums

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