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Matthias Heimlicher
Born in April 1969, Matthias grew up as the youngest of four children and enjoyed a happy childhood. His parents were teachers and music always played a major role in his family. During school time, Matthias had the ability to take classic piano lessons - he didn't like it, but it sure helped him to lay the foundation for his music career. After finishing school, he studied construction design at the Swiss Locomotive Works (SLM) in Winterthur/Switzerland, followed by the train driver training he successfully finished in 1989.
During school and study time, Matthias had plenty of opportunities to play music: His first Rockabilly band at the age of 15, playing piano at several spontaneous occasions, tours through Switzerland and Germany with Gospel News and other choir projects. Besides the piano, he learned to strum some guitars and tried to squeeze some good notes out of a rented saxophone. Percussion, bass and singing also became parts of his schedule, but some years later, when he started producing music for his own fun and for his friends.
At the age of 20, Matthias released his first solo album. For this album, he was able to rent some equipment from a music store he was working regularly for. Roland Switzerland hired him then for almost two years, where he was able to work as sales person and sound programmer. In the meantime, Matthias taught music at a private music school and started to produce one album after the other, before he got married at the age of 24. Matthias and his wife Verena have five children: Nik, Naomi, Leona, Nils and Melia. They live in the Jurassic mountains of Switzerland, near Solothurn - between Zürich, Basel and Bern.
Matthias has produced, recorded, edited, mixed and mastered hundreds of albums for various artists - besides 4 solo albums so far. Some projects have been very successful, some others not. Some projects he was involved in reached Gold and Platinum status. At the age of 40, Matthias received the "PrixPlus 2009 Award" for his continuous work as musician, producer and networker. Besides producing, he's associate professor at the School of Entertainment and Technology (SET) in Bern.
homepage: www.matthiasheimlicher.com
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Running Back To You
C|Works CW 777.25

Matthias Heimlicher, Hammond organ, piano, keyboards, baritone sax, vocals, bass, percussion, alto sax
Matthias Brauchli, trumpet
Kirk Whalum, alto sax
Justo Almario, tenor sax
Justo Almario, flute
Steve Lukather, guitar
Tom Lane, guitar
Vlad Naslas, guitar
Lothar Kosse, guitar
Michael Landau, guitar
Paul Jackson Jr., guitar
Marc Dold, guitar
Marcus Watta, guitar
Mike Porcaro, bass
John Peña, bass
Marc Ebermann, bass
Fred Less, bass
Neil Stubenhaus, bass
Chris Kent, bass
Abraham Laboriel, bass
Daniel Peyer, bass
Marc Ebermann, bass
Simon Phillips, drums
Vinnie Colaiuta, drums
Tom Ludwig, drums
Steve Grossman, drums
Enzo Todesco, drums
Gospel Sans Frontières, choir

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