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Pierre-Luc Vallet
Pierre-Luc (* 1961), pianist, received classical training at the conservatoire de Genève and then played in the 1980s in several groups in Switzerland. In 1986 he moved to Brazil and took part in the recording of about fifteen discs with, among others, Toninho Horta, bassist Luizão Maia and drummer Paulo Braga. Accompanying the singers Tadeu Franco, Paulinho Pedra Azul and joining the quartet of saxophonist Nivaldo Ornelas in 1987, he performs in the biggest cities of Brazil.
Back in Switzerland in 1990, Pierre-Luc Vallet devoted himself mainly to jazz music. Maurice Magnoni's State of Sounds and Erik Truffaz's quintet perform in France, Switzerland, then on tour in Russia, Africa, Czech Republic, Baltic States and Brazil. In 1992, it is a first participation in the Montreux Festival with the Brazilian saxophonist Paulo Moura, then in 1994 with the Brazilian singer Diana Miranda.
In 1995, invited by François Lindemann, Pierre-Luc Vallet joined the group Piano Seven which performs for shows in Europe, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Lebanon, Egypt, Brazil as well as at the Festival de Montreux in 1996. In 1997, the "Pierre-Luc Vallet Jazz Quartet" with drummer Marc Erbetta, guitarist Jean-Philippe Zwahlen and bassist Gilles Coquard toured Brazil for 15 concerts.
Pierre-Luc Vallet performs in Switzerland with the Big Bang of Lausanne, in a trio, quartet and quintet bearing his name, in the company of musicians such as Alvin Queen, Adam Nussbaum, Mike Richmond. With drummer Peter Schmidlin and guitarist Claude Schneider, Pierre-Luc Vallet also gives trio concerts on the Hammond B-3 organ. A disc of original piano compositions in trio and quartet was released in May 2007 on the French label Fairplay with Harmonia Mundi distribution. The CD was selected by FIP (France Inter Paris) in June 2007. A second disc, Aqua was released in 2012 on the Swiss label TCB. In June 2015, a 3rd album was released on the Hammond organ: Live at the Bird's Eye.
Pierre-Luc Vallet has participated in around thirty records and is a Steinway Artist. He teaches piano at the EJMA - École de Jazz et de Musique Actuelle in Lausanne as well as at the HEMU - Haute École de Musique.
contact: plvallet@sunrise.ch
homepage: www.pierrelucvallet.com
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Live At The Bird's Eye
TCB Records TCB 33602
recorded live 24 September 2011 at Bird's Eye Jazz Club in Basel/Switzerland
Claude Schneider, guitar
Pierre-Luc Vallet, organ
Peter Schmidlin, drums

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