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Jim Alfredson
Jim Alfredson (Lansing, MI) was born into a musical family. His father earned a living as a professional musician for many years and encouraged Jim's talents from a very young age. Some of Jim's earliest memories include pulling on the drawbars of his father's Hammond B-3 at the age of four.
Jim began writing his own songs at the age of 8 on a Yamaha organ. A plethora of synthesizers and multitrack machines followed until he came full circle at age 17 and began lusting after the sound of the Hammond organ once again. Jim has immersed himself in the mighty B-3 ever since, dedicated to the goal of uncovering new directions within the tradition of the organ trio. He is also the organist and musical director of the award-winning Root Doctor band, one of Michigan's premier rhythm & blues groups.
contact: info@organissimo.org
homepage: jimalfredson.com
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Waiting For The Boogaloo Sisters
PKO Records 020
recorded November/December 2002 in East Lansing, MI/USA
Jim Alfredson, Hammond B-3 organ
Joe Gloss, guitar
Randy Marsh, drums
This Is The Place
Big O Records 2404
recorded April/May 2005 in East Lansing, MI/USA
Jim Alfredson, Hammond B-3 organ
Johnny Gist, tenor sax
Joe Gloss, guitar
Randy Marsh, harmonica, drums
Billy Vits, percussion
Alive & Kickin'!
Big O Records 2414
recorded in East Lansing, MI/USA
Jim Alfredson, Hammond XK-3 organ, synthesizer
Joe Gloss, guitar
Randy Marsh, drums
Fell Toward None
Big O Records 2417
recorded in East Lansing, MI/USA
Greg Nagy, guitar, vocals
The Motor City, horns
Keith Kaminski, tenor sax, baritone sax
John Rutherford, trombone
Mark Byerly, trumpet
Bob Jensen, trumpet
Jim Alfredson, keyboards
Jim Shaneberger, bass
Kevin Depree, drums, percussion
Glenn Brown, percussion
Stronger For It
Alligator Records ALCD 4946
Janiva Magness, vocals
Dave Darling, guitar, piano, bass
Zach Zunis, guitar
Jim Alfredson, Hammond B-3, piano
Arlan Schierbaum, Hammond B-3 organ, melodica, Wurlitzer piano
Gary Davenport, bass
Matt Teco, drums
Brie Darling, percussion
A Tribute To Big John Patton
Big-O-Records 2419
recorded 2013
Jim Alfredson, Hammond organ
Randy Gelispie, drums
Ralph Tope, guitar
Dwight Adams, trumpet
Jim Cooper, vibes
Mark Kieme, sax
recorded 2013
Jim Alfredson, Hammond B-3 organ
Randy Marsh, drums
Ralph Tope, guitar
Bill Vits, percussion
Fathead Records FH1005
Janiva Magness, vocals
Dave Darling, guitar, dobro, glockenspiel, bass
Zach Zunis, guitar
Jim Alfredson, organ, piano
Arlan Schierbaum, Hammond organ, piano
Gary Davenport, bass
Carl Sealove, bass
Matt Tecu, drums
Brie Darling, percussion
B3tles (A Soulful Tribute To The Fab Four)
Big-O-Records 2424
recorded in USA
Jim Alfredson, Hammond organ, piano, synthesizer
Randy Marsh, drums
Lawrence Barris, guitar
Bill Vits, percussion
Mike List, tabla
Live At The Speakez
Big-O-Records 2426
tracks 01 & 06 recorded 15 October 2015 at the Union Cabaret in Kalamazoo, MI/USA
tracks 02 - 05 recorded 18 December 2016 at The Speakez Lounge in Grand Rapids, MI/USA
Jim Alfredson, Hammond SK2 organ
Lawrence Barris, guitar
Randy Marsh, drums
Kevin Jones, percussion
Bill Vits, percussion
Live in Music City: Jimmie Smith Plays Jimmy Smith
Woodward Avenue Records WA1803
recorded live 2017 at The Rutlage in Nashville, TN/USA
Jimmie Smith, Hammond B-3 organ
Jim Alfredson, organ
Paul Brown, Hammond organ, piano
Jon-Paul Frappiér, trumpet
Chris Dunn, T-Bone
James DaSilva, guitar
Hamilton Hardin, bass
Marcus Finnie, drums
Chris West, vocals
Jeronn C. Williams II, vocals
Black Crow Moan
E-H Records LLC 051497162986
recorded in Marlboro NY; Ferndale MI and Nashville TN/USA
Eliza Neals, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B-3 organ, vocals
Howard Glazer, guitar
Derek St. Holmes, guitar
Mike Puwal, guitar, bass
Joe Louis Walker, guitar, vocals
Jim Alfredson, Hammond B-3 organ
Bruce Bears, Hammond B-3 organ
John Abraham, bass
Chuck Bartels, bass
Lenny Bradford, bass, tambourine
Jason Kott, bass
Brian Clune, drums
Jeff Fowlkes, drums
John Medeiros, drums, congas
Demarcus Sumter, drums
Skeeto Valdez, drums
Family Business
Posi-Tone PR8243
Jim Alfredson, organ
Diego Rivera, tenor sax
Michael Dease, trombone
Alex Sipiagin, trumpet
Will Bernard, guitar
EJ Strickland, drums
Kevin 'Bujo' Jones, percussion

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