Cadillac Joe Andersen
Joe Andersen has been performing at the Hammond organ for over 30 years. Born in 1951, in Madison, Wisconsin, he began playing the organ professionally at the age of 17. Though initially self taught, in his early 20's he studied jazz improvisational techniques under jazz pianist Ted Jackson. His goal when playing is to make the audience feel what he is feeling at that very moment.
Until recently, most of his time has been spent as a side man for more bands than he cares to count, but growing weary of the "sit in, musician for hire scene", Joe started the Blind Wolf Blues Band a little more than a year ago. Joe has played with or along side blues greats such as Carry Bell, Jimmy Thackery, Johnnie Bassett, Anson Funderburgh, and Larry McCray.
Joe Andersen passed away 29 July 2009 due to cancer.


The Adventures of C.J. & The Blind Wolf Blues Band
B-Sharp Recordings
recorded date unknown in Madison, WI/USA
Joe Andersen, Hammond organ, piano, vocals
Aaron Williams, guitar
Kent Dice Hamele, bass
Mike Morgenthaler, drums
Bob Corbit, saxes
Live At The Restaurant Magnus
B-Sharp Recordings
recorded 2004 live in Madison, WI/USA
Joe Ansersen, organ
Aaron Williams, guitar
Mike Turk, drums
The Cadillac Joe Band
B-Sharp Recordings
recorded 2004 in Madison, WI/USA
Joe Ansersen, organ, piano, vocals
Aaron Williams, guitar, vocals
Michael Brenneis, drums, vocals
Jammin' John Fehling, harmonica
Don Anderson, sax
Mike Geurts, trumpet

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