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Allen Batts
Allen is a keyboard player perhaps best known as a member of Albert Collins' original Icebreakers, touring with Albert and playing keyboards on four of the Icebreakers' Alligator releases. He has also worked with Lacy Gibson, Eddie Clearwater, Shirley Johnson, Willie Kent, Maurice John Vaughn, Jody Williams and Lester Davenport. Allen moved to Hope, Arkansas some years ago and is now playing in a jazz group and teaching piano.
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Ice Picking
Sonet SNTF 707
released 1978
recorded in Chicago, IL/USA
Albert Collins, guitar, vocals
Larry Burton, guitar
A.C. Reed, tenor sax
Chuck Smith, baritone sax
Alan Batts, keyboards
Aron Burton, bass
Casey Jones, drums
Alligator Records AL 4719
released 1980
recorded in Chicago, IL/USA
Albert Collins, guitar, vocals
Marvin Jackson, guitar
A.C. Reed, sax
Allen Batts, keyboards
Johnny Gayden, bass
Casey Jones, drums
Sonet IRS 941954
recorded 1985 in Chicago, IL/USA
Albert Collins, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Robert Cray, guitar, vocals
Johnny Copeland, guitar, vocals
Allen Batts, organ
Johnny B. Gayden, bass
Casey Jones, drums
Cold Snap
Alligator Records AL 4752
recorded in Chicago, IL/USA
released 1986
Albert Collins, guitar, vocals
Mel Brown, guitar
Crispin Cioe, alto sax, baritone sax
Arno Hecht, tenor sax
Bob Funk, trombone
The Uptown Horns, horns
Hollywood Paul Litteral, trumpet
Allen Batts, keyboards
Jimmy McGriff, keyboards
Johnny B. Gayden, bass
Morris Jennings, drums, percussion
Lost In The Blues
Alligator Records ALCD 4797
released 1991
Otis Rush, guitar, vocals
Bob Levis, guitar
Allen Batts, piano, organ
Lucky Peterson, piano, organ
Bob Stroger, bass
Jesse Lewis Green, drums
Comin' Alive!
Blue Chicago BC 5006
recorded in Chicago, IL/USA
Willie Kent, bass, vocals
Larry Weathersby, tenor sax
Larry B.J. Weathersby, tenor sax
Willie Henderson, baritone sax, horn
Kenny Anderson, trumpet
Bergess Gardner, trumpet
Jacob Dawson, guitar
Haguy F. King, guitar
Allen Batts, organ, piano
Twist Turner, organ, tambourine
Erskine Johnson, piano
Dave Jefferson, drums

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