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Joe Bayliss
Joe (* 1944 in Alexandria, VA) grew up in Woodbridge, VA. Joe was a musician all of his life. He started out standing on a Coca-Cola crate singing "Hound Dog" at about ten or eleven years old. He worked the VA, MD, and DC. club circuit. His bands played many of the military bases stateside and overseas. He was also mentioned in the book Capitol Rock. Joe worked with well-known musicians such as Roy Buchanan, where he accompanied Roy for his launch concert at Gaston Hall, Georgetown University singing "Shotgun" and "Hey Joe". Joe also accompanied others including Jerry Lee Lewis, Charlie Daniels, and Ernest Tubb.
Joe was best known for his electrifying vocals. He sang a mixed genre of rock, soul, heavy blues, and country. He was a rebel-rousing frontman and constant entertainer, also well-known for his James Brown routine throughout the 1960's. His main instruments were a Hammond B-3 and guitar. Joe died in 2018.
from Washington Post


The Prophet - The Unreleased First Polydor Album
Polydor B0003618-02
tracks 14-17 only:
recorded March 1971 in Nashville, TN/USA
tracks 14-17 only:
Roy Buchanan, guitar, vocals
Joe Bayliss, organ, vocals
Bing McCoy, piano
Don Monahan, bass
Tom Zito, drums

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