picture of Larry Bell
Larry Bell
Larry (* 1944) joined The Bop Cats in 1987 after many years of leading his most popular band of the time, Tulsa County. Larry graduated from Tulsa Central High School in 1962 and moved to California to live and work with Tulsa transplant, Leon Russell. It was there that Larry joined Gary Lewis and The Playboys for several years before he became J.J. Cale's keyboardist.
He traveled the country and the world with those tours and was at the pulse of the rock n roll scene in the 60's. Larry has made numerous recordings as a sideman and is considered by many to be a major contributor of the 'Tulsa Sound'. Larry worked for Tulsa Public Schools and resided in Tulsa. He died in 2015.


Bad Case Of The Blues
Burnside Records Burnside 50
recorded in Tulsa, OK and Los Angeles, CA/USA
Scott Ellison, guitar, vocals
Kurt Lybarger, sax
Alan Mirikitani, tenor sax
Michael Thompson, trombone
Don Colopy, trumpet
Mike Turner, trumpet, guitar
Habanero Horns, horn
Home Front Horns, horn
Larry Bell, Hammond organ
Jim Pugh, Hammond organ
Dick Sims, Hammond B-3 organ
Spencer Sutton, piano, organ
Steve LeGassick, keyboards
Terry Lupton, keyboard
Jimmy Markham, harmonica
Armando Compean, bass
Jim Strader, bass
Tommy Waggoner, bass
Larry York, bass
Jim Ziegler, bass
Bill Belknap, drums
Richard Heck, drums
Steve Monreal, drums
Lee Spath, drums
Jim Karstein, percussion

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