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Ezra Bufford
Ezra (* 1952 in Indianapolis) is a keyboardist. He plays keys by ear having only a piano training book. He graduated from Shortridge H.S. in 1970 and graduated from art institute in 2015 with a assoc. degree in photography. Ezra's other talent is art as to drawing and painting. He is currently serving as an organist for the temple of Praise Church in Indianapolis, IN. Ezra has played for many local and national gospel recording artists, churches, weddings and event dinners.
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Breath Of Life
Tyscot Communications 0208311464207
released 1995
recorded in Indianapolis, IN/USA
Harold Rayford, soprano sax, alto sax
Ezra Bufford, organ, piano
Bill Ellis, keyboards
Derrick Horne, keyboards, multi instruments
Craig Tyson, organ, piano
Willie Davis, bass
Hollis Ford, drums, cymbals
Rodnie Bryant, vocals
C.C.M.C, vocals
James Fountain, vocals
Good For Me
no label
recorded in Indianapolis, IN; New York, NY; Minneapolis, MN/USA
Jeff Sigman, guitar
Jim Farrelly, sax
Joel Diamond, clarinet
Ezra Bufford, organ
Onaje Allan Gumbs, piano
Steve Potts, keyboards
Richard Snyder, keyboards
Steve Gelfand, bass
Lucio Hopper, bass
Gordon Johnson, bass
Randy Melson, bass
Bart Samolis, bass
Buddy Williams, drums
Dane Clark, drums
Victor See Yuen, percussion

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