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Wayne Carter
Wayne (* 1936 in Carol County, TN) first started playing music when his family bought a piano where he would teach himself songs he heard off of the radio and by the time he was 15 he was playing and touring in various bands. By the 1960s Wayne and family moved to Illinois where he bought an A-100 Hammond Organ and started up his own band Wayne Carter & The Organ Twisters. Only putting out a couple of 45s before being forgotten Wayne Carter & The Organ Twisters.
After a trip back from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Wayne Carter picked up a phone book and called a local studio to arrange a cooking session of funk music. This session was at Mootrey's studio which was a studio that made custom recordings that was owned and operated by Chet Mootrey. After the making of this session, Wayne Carter would continue playing in his band but was barred from selling his albums as he would work in supper clubs which would not allow funk music to be played as it did not fit the mood of the club making it fall into the obscure with him never selling any copies and just giving it to friends and family. He remained in the music business playing with many other acts and bands where today he plays with a group called the Dan Rivero Band.
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Wayne Carter And Organ Twisters
Tramp Records TRLP-9022

Wayne Carter, Hammond A-100 organ
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