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Earl Neal Creque
Neal (*1940) was an American organist and jazz composer, and originally from the Virgin Islands; he was based in the Cleveland area, was a professor at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, and played frequently around northern Ohio. He also composed music with Mongo Santamaría including the Grammy-nominated song "Sofrito" which was sampled by Jennifer Lopez on the album J.Lo.. Neal also worked together with Grant Green, Eric Kloss, Johnny Lytle, Harold Ousley, Bernard Purdie, and Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson. He was a sought after session musician. Neal died in the year 2000.


Green Is Beautiful
Blue Note BST 84342
recorded January 1970 in Englewood Cliffs, NJ/USA
Grant Green, guitar
Blue Mitchell, trumpet
Claude Bartee, tenor sax
Emanuel Riggins, organ
Earl Neal Creque, organ
Idris Muhammad, drums
Jimmy Lewis, bass
Candido Camero, conga
Richard Lendrum, bongo
Blue Note CDP 077778979326
recorded August 1970 in Washington, DC/USA
Grant Green, guitar
Claude Bartee, tenor sax
William Bivens, vibes
Ronnie Foster, organ
Earl Neal Creque, organ
Idris Muhammad, drums
Joseph Armstrong, conga
Cobblestone CST 9005
released 1972
Neal Creque, piano, organ, clavinet
Billy Butler, guitar
Kermit Moore, cello
Alfred Brown, viola
Julien Barber, viola
Selwart Clarke, viola
Gene Taylor, bass
Richard Landrum, congas, bongos, African oboe, percussion
Jackie Soul, percussion
Johnny Gittens, percussion
Steve Berrios, timpani
The Ikinen Singers
The Kid!
Cobblestone CST 9017
released 1972
recorded March 1972
Harold Ousley, tenor sax
Neal Creque, piano, organ
Bob Rose, guitar
Jay Leonhart, bass
Jim Young, drums
Danny Barrajanos, percussion

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