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Doug Duke
Doug was born in Buenos Aires/Argentina in 1920. He moved to the USA and settled in Charlotte/NY. He was an organist and a pianist who led a small jazz club.
Doug preferred the style of Wild Bill Davis. He worked together with Lionel Hampton. Doug passed away in 1973.
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Sounds Impossible
Herald HLP 0102
released 1956

Douglas Duke, organ
Jerry Bruno, bass
no further details kown
London Records LTZ-C 15050
released 1957

track 08-14:
Don Elliott, trumpet, vibes, mellophone
Kai Winding, trombone
Phil Urso, tenor sax, baritone sax
Danny Banks, baritone sax, clarinet
Doug Duke, organ
Jimmy Lyon, piano
Mort Herbert, bass
Arnold Fishkind, bass
Sid Bulkin, drums
Lionel Hampton 1949-1950
MCA Coral 6.22321 AK
recorded January 1949 till January 1950 in New York/USA
Lionel Hampton, vibes
Wendell Culley, trumpet
Gene Morris, tenor sax
Ben Kynard, baritone sax
Doug Duke, organ, piano
Wes Montgomery, guitar
Roy Johnson, bass
Earl Walker, drums
Lionel Hampton and his orchestra

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