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Kossie Gardner
Kossie (* 1941) first appeared on the Nashville TN jazz scene when, as a student at Fisk University, he taught himself how to play organ by listening to Jimmy Smith records. In 1960, he left Nashville for Los Angeles, playing for a summer with a trio in a jazz club. That exposure landed jobs for him in groups led by jazz saxophonist, David Newman and Sonny Stitt.
After returning to Nashville, Gardner was a major figure in the small jazz circle here during the early 1970s. Since then he has dropped from the sight of jazz fans, and his public appearances were limited lately to accompanying Bobby Jones and New Life on WSM-TV's Sunday morning Nashville Gospel Show.
Kossie's attempts in Nashville as a solo artist were unsuccessful, if not altogether strange. His two albums for RCA, Organ Nashville Style and Kossi Gardner Plays Charlie Pride, were practically collector's items the day they were released. He died in October 2009.
by Walter Carter, The Tennessean


House Of David
Atlantic SD 1489
released 1967
recorded March 1967
David "Fathead" Newman, tenor sax, flute
Ted Dunbar, guitar
Kossie Gardner, organ
Milt Turner, drums
Pipes Of Blue
Dot Records DLP 25940
released 1969

Kossie Gardner, organ
no further details known
Organ - Nashville Style
RCA Victor LSP-4419
released 1970
Kossie Gardner, organ
further details unknown

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