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Ted Gardner
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Pawn Shop
Bam-Zoom! Records CD22212
Jeff Scheetz, guitar
Brittany Scheetz, clarinet
Ted Gardner, organ
E. M. Pruitt, bass
Jim Riley, drums
Beggars, Rogues & Thieves
Bam-Zoom! Records CD22214
Jeff Scheetz, guitar, flute
Ted Gardner, Hammond B-3 organ, vocals
Matt Waddill, bass, vocals
Kent Burnham, drums, percussion
Behind The Mask
Bam-Zoom! Records CD22216
Jeff Scheetz, guitar, banjo, dobro, bass
Brittany Scheetz, clarinet
Ted Gardner, organ
E.M. Pruitt, bass
Jim Riley, drums, percussion
Christmas ... At Last!
Bam-Zoom! Records CD22213
Jeff Scheetz, guitar, bass
Ted Gardner, organ
Monty Colvin, bass
Eddie Pruitt, bass
Rod Lincoln, drums, percussion
Jim Riley, drums, percussion

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