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Stu Goldberg
Stu (Stuart Wayne) was born in 1954 in Massachusetts but raised in Seattle, and played with Ray Brown at the Monterey Jazz Festival in 1971. He attended the University of Utah, taking his bachelor's in music in 1974, then relocated to Los Angeles. He played with the Mahavishnu Orchestra in 1975, and subsequently worked in the 1970s with Al Di Meola, Freddie Hubbard, Alphonse Mouzon, Michał Urbaniak, and Miroslav Vitous. He booked a tour of Europe in 1978 as a solo keyboardist, and released several albums under his own name and with Toto Blanke's Electric Circus. Returning to Los Angeles in 1985, he worked extensively in film soundtracks (including with Lalo Schifrin and Ira Newborn) and as a studio musician.
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Inner Worlds
CBS 69216
recorded 1976 in Hérouville/France
John McLaughlin, guitar, synthesizer
Michael Walden, drums, congas, organ
Stu Goldberg, organ, piano, synthesizer
Ralph Armstrong, bass
Robbie Krieger & Friends
Blue Note LA664-H
recorded in North Hollywood, CA/USA and Los Angeles,CA/USA
released 1977
Robbie Krieger, guitar
Joel Peskin, sax
Jock Ellis, trombone
Gary Barone, trumpet
Sal Marquez, trumpet
Joel Peskin, piccolo flute
Ron Stockert, clavichord
Sal Marquez, clavichord
Greg Mathieson, organ
Jimmy Smith, organ
Stu Goldberg, organ, synthesizer
Sal Marquez, piano, synthesizer
Bob Glaub, bass
Kenny Wild, bass
Reggie McBride, bass
Sal Marquez, bass
Bruce Gary, drums
Ed Green, drums
John Densmore, Reggae drum
Eddie Talamantes, bongos
Bruce Gary, bells
Perico, congas
Eddie Talamantes, timbales
Bruce Gary, timpani
Afreeka Trees, vocals
Robbie Krieger, vocals
Sharon Robinson, vocals
Electric Guitarist
Columbia JC 35326
released 1978
recorded in New York/USA
John McLaughlin, guitar
Stu Goldberg, piano, organ, synthesizer
Fernando Saunders, bass
Billy Cobham, drums
Jerry Goodman, violin
In Search Of A Dream
MPS Records 0068.192
released 1978
recorded November 1977 in Stuttgart/Germany
Alphonse Mouzon, drums, organ, piano, percussion, vocals
Bob Malik, tenor sax
Philip Catherine, guitar
Stu Goldberg, organ, piano, synthesizer
Joachim Kühn, piano
Miroslav Vitous, piano, synthesizer, bass
Fancy Glance
Sandra Music Productions SMP 2104
recorded April 1979 in München/Germany
Stu Goldberg, piano, organ, synthesizer
Gerry Brown, drums
John Lee, bass
Electric Dreams
Columbia CK 48892
recorded November/December 1978 in New York/USA
John McLaughlin, guitar, banjo
Stu Goldberg, piano, organ, synthesizer
Fernando Saunders, bass
Tony Smith, drums, vocals
L. Shankar, violin
David Sanborn, alto sax

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