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Paul Griffin
Paul Griffin, born 1938 in Harlem, learnt to play the piano by watching the pianist playing in the Baptist Church. His interest led him to study classical music at the High School of Music and Art. He first played viola in the All-City Orchestra and worked as an accompanist at the Apollo Theatre. Paul got his first professional engagement when King Curtis, the famous saxophonist, heard him there. They toured and made recordings together.
1960, after some years of touring with King Curtis, Paul became a member of the Scepter Records House Band. He also worked for various producers and singers. 1965, Paul became part of the folk and rock scene. He played the piano and the organ for Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Peter Paul & Mary, Carly Simon, and many more. Ten years later, a deep cooperation with Steely Dan began. "There are some musicians who are hacks," Donald Fagen of Steely Dan once said, "and then there are guys like Paul who can create something so different and unique they make the record." In the 80's, Paul also gave lessons, wrote arrangements and recorded commercial jingles.
Paul Griffin died on 14 June 2000.


Blues Around the Clock
Prestige PR 7314
released 1964
recorded November 1963 in Englewood Cliffs, NJ/USA
Jimmy Witherspoon, vocals
Lord Westbrook, guitar
Paul Griffin, Hammond organ
Leonard Gaskin, bass
Herbie Lovelle, drums
Unforgettable (A Tribute To Dinah Washington)
Columbia CS 8963
released 1964
Aretha Franklin, piano, vocals
Buddy Lucas, tenor sax, harmonica
Bob Asher, trombone
Ernie Royal, trumpet
Paul Griffin, organ
Ernie Hayes, organ, piano
Teddy Charles, vibraphone
George Duvivier, bass
Gary Chester, drums
Hammond Swing
Somerset 641
released 1965
Paul Griffin, Hammond organ
further details unknown
Soul Flutes - Trust In Me
CTI Records SP-3009
released 1968
recorded February and March 1968 in Englewood Cliffs, NJ/USA
Herbie Mann, flute (not confirmed)
Hubert Laws, flute (not confirmed)
George Marge, flute
Joel Kaye, flute
Romeo Penque, flute
Stan Webb, flute
Bucky Pizzarelli, guitar
Eric Gale, guitar
Paul Griffin, organ
Herbie Hancock, piano, organ, harpsichord
Henry Watts, vibes, marimba
Ron Carter, bass
Grady Tate, drums
The Great Byrd
Columbia CS 9747
released 1968
Charlie Byrd, guitar
Mario Darpino, flute
Romeo Penque, piccolo flute, alto flute, English horn, recorder
Vinnie Bell, guitar
Herbie Hancock, piano
Paul Griffin, piano, organ
Chuck Rainey, bass
Joe Mack, bass
Bernard Purdie, drums
Bobby Rosengarden, drums, percussion
Phil Kraus, percussion
Specs Powell, percussion
The Free Design: One By One
Project 3 Total Sound PR 5061SD
released 1972

Babe Clarke, sax
Seldon Powell, sax
Garnett Brown, trombone
Alan Reubin, trumpet, flugelhorn
Ernie Royal, trumpet, flugelhorn
Chris Dedrick, trumpet, piano, vocals
Randy Brecker, trumpet, flugelhorn
Jack Jeffers, bass trombone
Jerry Friedman, guitar
Stu Scharf, guitar
Bob Mann, guitar
Paul Griffin, organ
Pat Ribboloff, piano
Andy Muson, bass
Tom Seznesiak, bass
Billy Cobham, drums
Gary Gauger, drums
Ellen Dedrick, percussion
Gary Gauger, percussion
Ellen Dedrick, vocals
Sandy Dedrick, vocals
Soul Is... Pretty Purdie
Flying Dutchman FD-10154
released 1972

Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, drums, vocals
Ralph MacDonald, conductor, congas
Jimmy Powell, alto sax
Charlie Brown, tenor sax
Seldon Powell, tenor sax
Harold Vick, tenor sax
Arthur "Babe" Clarke, baritone sax
Garnett Brown, trombone
Danny Moore, trumpet
Ernie Royal, trumpet
Selwart Clarke, alto clarinet
Jay Berliner, guitar
Lloyd Davis, guitar
Cornell Dupree, guitar
Billy Nichols, guitar
Paul Griffin, organ
Horace Ott, piano
Richard Tee, organ
string section
Gerald Jemmott, bass
Paul Martinez, bass
Gordon "Specs" Powell, percussion
Norman Pride, bongos, congas, percussion
Eileen Gilbert, vocals
Carl Hall, vocals
Hilda Harris, vocals
Barbara Massey, vocals
Maretha Stewart, vocals
Sassy Soul Strut
Blue Note BN-LA109-F
released 1973
recorded April 1973 in New York City/USA
Lou Donaldson, alto sax
Thad Jones, trumpet
Garnett Brown, trombone
Seldon Powell, tenor sax, flute
Buddy Lucas, harmonica
Paul Griffin, piano, organ
Horace Ott, piano
Hugh McCracken, guitar
David Spinozza, guitar
John Tropea, guitar
Wilbur Bascomb, bass
Bernard Purdie, drums
Omar Clay, percussion
Jack Jennings, percussion
The Manhattan Transfer: Coming Out
Atlantic SD 18183
released 1976
recorded in New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA/USA
Michael Brecker, soprano sax, tenor sax
Jackie Kelso, tenor sax, baritone sax
Jay Migliori, tenor sax
Randy Brecker, trumpet
Ben Benay, guitar
Bob Bowles, guitar
Robert Bowles, guitar
Ira Newborn, guitar
Paul Griffin, organ, synthesizer
John Barnes, piano
Dr. John, piano
Dave Frishberg, piano
Arthur Jenkins, piano
Clarence McDonald, piano, percussion
Mike Melvoin, piano
Bill Payne, piano
Roger Steinman, piano
Steve Paietta, accordion
Andy Muson, bass
Jim Gordon, drums
Jim Keltner, drums
David Kemper, drums
Roy Markowitz, drums
Jim Nelson, drums
Rick Shlosser, drums
Ringo Starr, drums
Bobbye Hall, percussion
Ralph MacDonald, percussion
Nicky Marrero, percussion, timbales
Bobbye Porter, percussion
John "Dandy" Rodriguez, percussion
Doug Throngren, percussion
Tim Hauser, vocals
Laurel Massé, vocals
Alan Paul, vocals
Janis Siegel, vocals
The Best Of King Curtis
Capitol Jazz D 115560
recorded August 1962 through March 1965
King Curtis, tenor sax
Billy Butler, guitar
Cornell Dupree, guitar
Paul Griffin, organ, piano
Ernie Hayes, organ
George Stubbs, piano
Chuck Rainey, bass
Jimmy Lewis, bass
James Tyrell, bass
Ray Lucas, drums

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